Food is at the center of this detox

The Detox Journey is a safe, simple and effective detox program that you can integrate into your daily life with just a little organization, planning and determination.  Just like any journey.


It is a food cleanse experience.

It has been created for the everyday person who is busy, doesn’t know where to start in regards to detoxification, want’s to learn how to take care of their body better and be guided along the way.

Some reasons or symptoms you may feel that will encourage you to take this journey include fatigue and low energy levels, bloating, indigestion and acid reflux, being overweight, cravings, especially sugar, frequent headaches or migraines, food intolerances, poor sleep patterns, giving up smoking cigarettes, poor bowel movements or constipation, high cholesterol, drink caffeine or take prescription medication regularly, just to name a few.


The Detox Journey is an opportunity to repair and heal your body. 

To eliminate the toxins and poisons found in our food and water, environment and the air that you breathe.  The way is to allow your body to metabolise these toxins into less toxic and more excretable substances.

You can complete the entire program that in all will take you 35 days. This is the most complete and rewarding route.  It means that you will include the Parasite Cleanse and Gallbladder and Liver Cleanse in your detox.

Alternatively you can stick to just following the 14 day program which starts on a Sunday and ends on a Saturday with only one full weekend in between!

Which either route, by day 14 of the detox proper you will be a changed person.  The rewards will be many.  You will have increased energy, your inner beauty will be revived, you’ll feel lighter, have improved digestion, improved immunity, a clearer mind and have gained control of any habits or addictions.


The Detox Journey is an opportunity to start to know how to truly care for yourself.